BC-2300 Portable Automatic Water Sampler

The BC-2300 portable automatic water sampler, proudly launched by GRASP consists of the main machine (including peristaltic pump and controller), water storage bottle, lithium battery, charger, sampling tube and other components. It is ideal for water sampling in the field or in laboratories. Demonstrated here are the products main components, water collection bottle and the sampling tube. Next, we are ready for on-site sampling.

This unit also works with a peristaltic pump to perform sampling. It can be charged after being powered on.

What you see here is the sampler’s operation interface, along with the switch button and the charging port. The Peristaltic pump is top-mounted. Next, I will connect this equipment with a sampling tube.

First, connect the sampling tube and the water guiding tube. Choose the sampling program and then start the sampling process.

The water which has been sampled is guided into a water storage bottle. This bottle will collect 1000ml of water for sampling. After that, take the guiding tube out of the bottle and put the cap on. Then the entire sampling process is accomplished.

BC-2300 Portable Automatic Water Sampler

The BC-2300 portable automatic water sampler can collect proportionally-mixed or isochronally-mixed water samples according to user’s requirements. It meets the technical specification requirement for monitoring of surface water and wastewater, HJ/T91-2002, issued by the National Environmental Protection Agency.

  • BC-2300 portable sampler with an easy-to-carry box
  • The interior view of the sampler’s box

The BC-2300 water sampler operates with a standard 12V battery which can be replaced by a car battery if there is not enough power in the field. It has become one of the essential machines for carrying out a study at the environmental research department and monitoring the water pollution at the environmental monitoring and supervision station.

  • The sampling tube
  • An operator was testing the water sampling equipment.
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