The FC-9624 portable automatic water sampler is a type of environmental monitoring instrument. Typical applications are found in surface water or sewage sampling, water sources monitoring, pollution sources investigation and total emissions control.

The BC-2300 portable automatic water sampler, proudly launched by GRASP consists of the main machine (including peristaltic pump and controller), water storage bottle, lithium battery, charger, sampling tube and other components. It is ideal for water sampling in the field or in laboratories. Demonstrated here are the products main components, water collection bottle and the sampling tube. Next, we are ready for on-site sampling.

The SCH-213 handheld sampling pump is Grasp’s latest product. It is portable and easy to use. Next, I will demonstrate how it is operated. We open the sampling box, and find this equipment set is composed of drive body, battery, pump head, filter head and the sampling tube.

Shown here is a manually-operated and portable water sampler. It offers a superior solution for field sampling operations where a power supply is not readily available. Let’s examine how this product is put together. Underneath the sampling equipment is a stainless steel base. The thermometer is front-mounted, and the measuring scale is found on the back. The water nozzle is connected with a hose when in use. The length of the sampling hose can be customized upon request.

This product is a fixed-distribution type water sampler. It offers an ideal solution for water sources monitoring, water sampling and analysis in sewage treatment plants. It is also suitable for use in research institutes and other types of R&D institutions. Next, I will introduce the basic functions of this equipment.

Product Videos
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