FC-9624YL Automatic Water Sampler

This product is a fixed-distribution type water sampler. It offers an ideal solution for water sources monitoring, water sampling and analysis in sewage treatment plants. It is also suitable for use in research institutes and other types of R&D institutions. Next, I will introduce the basic functions of this equipment.

The display screen operates with an ARM control system. Inside the sampler, there are twenty-four 1L sampling bottles, which can maintain a 4℃ constant-temperature environment. This equipment also conducts a remote control process with the use of a computer or GPRS. The peristaltic pump supports a sampling speed of 3500ml per minute, which remains at the forefront of this industry.

FC-9624YL Automatic Water Sampler

Main features
1. The FC-9624YL automatic water sampler is a type of environmental monitoring instrument mainly used for automatic sampling of pollution sources.
2. It operates with a peristaltic pump to collect water. Owing to the advantages of large tube diameter and fast flow rate, it can effectively prevent pipes from being blocked.
3. A 32-bit, high performance, industrial grade ARM controller is employed.
4. Users can preset the sampling mode, sampling interval, sampling quantity and storage position at will.
5. This product can perform synchronous sampling with an automatic monitoring instrument (such as COD, ammoniacal nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, heavy metal etc.)
6. It is also used for comparison of test results with an online monitoring instrument.

  • The exterior of the FC-9624YL automatic water sampler
  • The LCD operation panel of the sampling equipment

After being equipped with a flow sensor, this product can perform effluent flow measurement and sampling according to the flow rate. When working with an online monitoring instrument, it can reserve samples which go beyond the standard. In addition, this product can realize remote wireless control and issue a sampling order upon request, thus providing the truest and more effective water sample. It becomes one of the necessary machines for increased work efficiency, reduced labor fatigue, as well as the accurate and effective data which is monitored by the Environmental Monitoring Department.

  • Three kinds of output interface
  • This water sampler is running automatically.
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