CG-00 Water Sampler

Shown here is a manually-operated and portable water sampler. It offers a superior solution for field sampling operations where a power supply is not readily available. Let’s examine how this product is put together. Underneath the sampling equipment is a stainless steel base. The thermometer is front-mounted, and the measuring scale is found on the back. The water nozzle is connected with a hose when in use. The length of the sampling hose can be customized upon request.

This product is produced in one piece using the injection molding process. It is extremely solid and durable, thanks to the use of high-strength engineering plastic material. It performs a simple test with great accuracy.

CG-00 Water Sampler

The CG-00 water sampler is made in one piece using injection molding process. Thanks to the use of high-strength engineering plastic material, it can resist drop, aging and corrosion.

  • The exterior view of the CG-00 water sampler
  • This sampling rope is 15 meters long.
  • This sampler is designed with a bottom-mounted water outlet.
  • Thermometer and measuring scale

Benefits at a glance
1. The barrel of the sampler is colorless and transparent.
2. The bottom cover can be automatically opened and closed.
3. This equipment can be easily used for water sampling at the required depth.
4. Typical applications can be found in a wide variety of field sampling, environmental monitoring, water treatment, liquid sampling as well as environmental water sampling.
5. This sampling equipment is portable and suitable for use in places where there is no power supply.
6. It uses aerospace grade 304 stainless steel counterweights instead of traditional PMMA lead counterweights, which can prevent water quality from secondary pollution.

  • Onsite sampling operation
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