SCH-213 Handheld Sampling Pump

The SCH-213 handheld sampling pump is Grasp’s latest product. It is portable and easy to use. Next, I will demonstrate how it is operated. We open the sampling box, and find this equipment set is composed of drive body, battery, pump head, filter head and the sampling tube. First, we must install the battery. Next, open the pump of the machine head, connect the sampling tube to the filter head and after that, use a cable tie to attach them. By doing this, we have basically completed the assembly of the sampling pump. Finally, we can take a sampling bottle to get water.

SCH-213 Handheld Sampling Pump

Brief introduction
1. The SCH-213 handheld sampling pump is a new type of automatic sampler used for environmental monitoring applications.
2. It operates with a large-torque (50Nm), high-capacity battery as well as a rechargeable, steplessly variable speed drive.
3. Notable advantages include stable performance, easy operation, long-lasting continuous work and many others.
4. Major applications can be found in environmental monitoring and sampling, production onsite sampling, and the laboratory sample processing at research institutes etc.

  • SCH-213 handheld sampling pump kit
  • The exterior of the sampling pump

The peristaltic pump is a new type of industrial pump which consists of three parts, including drive, pump head and hose. Fluids are placed in the pump tube and isolated from other components, which contributes to no pollution. Fluids can flow in two directions, and dry rotation at idle speed can be realized. Both the repeated accuracy and stability are high. The pump tube can be fast replaced and easy to maintain.

  • The peristaltic pump of the sampler
  • Our operator was using a cable tie to fix the pump head.
  • This operator was using a sampling pump to collect water.
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